The Essential Guide to Caring for Your Cockatiel DVD (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Publisher: Pet Video Library, 2007

ISBN: 71581

A fun and educational look at the Cockatiel. Includes a bonus Teach Your Bird to Talk feature that includes 10 different words and phrases on an endless loop. Five informative chapters include:

HISTORY - We'll take you through the early history of the Cockatiel. From their origin in Australia to their massive popularity around the world.

CAGES AND SUPPLIES - Learn the cage requirements, the necessary supplies, and what will work best for your cockatiel.

BIRD PROOFING - Find the hidden dangers in your home such as fans, certain plants, airborne chemicals, foods and candy.

PROPER DIET - Review a wide variety of foods that will keep your Cockatiel healthy as recommended by the Association of Avian Veterinarians.

TRAINING AND HANDLING - Learn the proper and safe techniques for hand and perch training.

Approximately 45 minute runtime. Region 1 DVD format for play in North America only.


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