The Birds of the Western Palearctic : Crows to Finches by S. Cramp & C.M. Perrins

Format: Hardcover, 899 pages

Publisher: Oxford University Press, 1994

ISBN: 0198546793

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

This is eighth volume of an authoritative nine-volume reference work that covers birdlife in the whole of the Western Palearctic - including all of Europe as well as the Middle East to Turkey, Iran, and Jordan, and part of Africa. Part VIII: Crows to Finches contains 73 comprehensive species descriptions, with sections devoted to field characteristics, habitat, distribution, mortality, population, movements, food, social pattern and behavior, breeding, voice, plumages, moults, measurements, weights, structure, and geographical variation. Species include: Passeriformes, Covidae Crows and allies, Sturnidae Starlings, Passiderae Sparrows, Rock Sparrows, Snow Finches, Ploceidae Weavers and allies, Estrildidae Waxbills, Grassfinches, Mannikens, Vireonidae Vireos, Fringillidae Finches, and Carduelinae Typical Finches. Specially commissioned full-color plates show the full range of normal plumage together, eggs, and more distant flight views. Black-and-white illustrations and text-figures showing such features as display postures, voice sonograms and melograms, and annual cycles are included as well. With contributions from an internationally recognized team of experts, the Handbook is an indispensable work of reference, both for the professional scientist and for the ever-growing body of amateur ornithologists.


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