Birds of the Rocky Mountains by Paul A. Johnsgard (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 504 pages

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press, April 1992

ISBN: 0803275749

This comprehensive reference work . . . describes in detail 354 species found in a 353,000 square mile area, from the 40th parallel in Colorado north to the 52nd parallel in Canada; from the western border of Idaho to the eastern boundaries of Montana and Wyoming. . . . Here a visitor to any of the major national parks in the Rocky Mountain region can have quick access to the abundance and seasonality of a given species. In addition, a comprehensive introduction describes the predominant life zones of the region, and over a dozen maps illustrate such significant features as precipitation patterns, vegetation community types, and major physiographic provinces. The book is well written and an essential guide for the birder who visits the Rockies. - Indiana Audubon Quarterly.

Birds as common as the bobwhite and blue-winged teal and as rarely seen as the great egret are featured in Paul A. Johnsgards informative book, profusely illustrated with drawings and color plates. A foremost ornithologist and natural history writer, Johnsgard is Foundation Professor of Life Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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