The Cockatiel: An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet by Julie Rach

Format: Hardcover, 126 pages

Publisher: Howell Book House, July, 1997

ISBN: 0876055269

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

Featuring the best information, best resources, best photos, and the best advice to care for and raise your cockatiel.

With The Cockatiel: An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet, you will discover easy ways to provide the very best in care for your cockatiel. An avian expert offers straightforward advice so that you can create a thriving relationship with your new family member. The Cockatiel offers:

This book discusses:

Completely up-to-date resources, including top Web sites of interest to bird owners.

Information on how to choose the right cockatiel for you.

Quick access to everything you need to know about the behavior and well-being of your cockatiel.

Advice on the best nutrition to keep your cockatiel healthy and long-lived.

Ways to keep your quizzical pet cockatiel mentally stimulated and entertained .

Full-color photographs of a variety of cockatiels.


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