Ars Accipitraria: An essential multilingual dictionary Falconry & Hawking by B. Garcia & A. Hartman

Format: Softcover, 285 pages

Publisher: Yarak Publishing, May, 2007

ISBN: 0955560705

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

This book is without doubt the most comprehensive and up to date gathering of vocabulary on the noble art of falconry and birds of prey ever assembled.

Ars Accipitraria is the first work to attempt a compilation of terms that make up the international language of falconry, from medieval times to present day, aiming to make this vocabulary readily available to falconers and raptor enthusiasts worldwide. This 298 page multilingual dictionary represents the first multilingual compilation of its kind and contains circa 5,000 terms. It includes an English glossary of all the commonly used terms (both modern-day and archaic) and also provides brief but detailed explanations of the terms, often with tips from the authors, and translations of each term into Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German and French. Ars Accipitraria also contains a unique multilingual index at the end of the book that has been carefully organised by language, making the book ideal not only for English users, but also for foreign readers.

Well organized, clear and easy to read, this valuable translation tool is a must-have for all raptor enthusiasts, be they expert falconers, novice, breeder or ornithologists.

Written following extensive research by the founders of the world's leading falconry portal,, Beatriz E. Candil Garcia and Arjen E. Hartman, this work is a follow up to the award-winning book El Gran Desconocido: The Red-tailed Hawk, by Spanish falconer Beatriz Candil Garcia.


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