Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Unwelcome Bodies by Jennifer Pelland

Format: Softcover, 249 pages

Publisher: Apex Publications, February, 2008

ISBN: 0978867683

Pain. Pleasure. The sensation of touch... we feel everything through our skin, that delicate membrane separating "I" from "other," protecting the very essence of self.

Until it breaks. Or changes. Or burns.

What would you do if you were the one called on to save humanity, and the price you had to pay was becoming something other than human? Or if healing your body meant losing the only person you have ever loved?

Wander through worlds where a woman craves even a poisonous touch... a mans deformities become a society's fashion... genetic regeneration keeps the fires of Hell away... and painted lovers risk everything to break the boundaries of their caste system down. Separate your mind from your flesh and come in. Welcome....


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