Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection, Vol 2 edited by Hope Nicholson

Format: Softcover, 165 pages 

Publisher: Alternate History Comics Inc.

ISBN: 978-0228706212

$35.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection, volume 2 is the 2017 anthology of 15 First Nations and Native American storytellers and graphic artists involved in creating graphic novels. Volume 2 centers around present-day indigenous spirituality and tradition. Each of the 15 short stories included in this volume is based on a tradition from the author’s own First Nation or community. These stories highlight present-day traditions, and diversity, in Indigenous peoples today. With each story adapted into comic book/graphic novel format by award-winning artists and illustrators this remarkable collection of comics and short graphic novels display the depth of talent in this field of storytelling. Published by Alternate History Comics Inc and edited by Hope Nicholson the contributors include: Artist Jeffrey Veregge (Red Wolf, G.I. Joe, Transformers); Artist Stephen Gladue (Cree Dancer); Authors Sean & Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley (Lesson of the Wolf, Ajjitt); Artist David Mack (Kabuki, Fight Club, Daredevil); Author Elizabeth LaPensee (Copper Heart, The Observing); Artist Haiwei Hou (Two Brothers, Ochek); Illustrator Fred Pashe (SpiritWolf); Artist menton3 (The Memory Collectors, X-Files, Silent Hill: Past Life); Author Richard Van Camp (Tlicho Naowo, Three Feathers); Artist Scott B. Henderson (Blanket of Butterflies, The Chronicles of Era); Author David Alexander Robertson (Ochek, Tales From Big Spirit); Artist Alexandria Neonakis (Sweetest Kulu, Uncharted4); Artist Ryan Huna Smith (Tribal Force); Artist Steve Keewatin Sanderson (Darkness Calls, Journey of the Healer); Artist Weshoyot Alvitre (Little Nemo, Native American Classics); Author Daniel Heath Justice (Our Fire Survives the Storm); Author James Leask (Comics Alliance); Authors and songwriters Gerard & Peta Roberts (Sacred Fire); Author and songwriter Tanya Tagaq (Animism); Artist Nicholas Burns (Arctic Comics, Super Shamou); Artist David Cutler (Hacktivist, Northern Guard); Armand Garnet Ruffo; Alina Pete, Darcie Little Badger; and Kim Hunter.


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