Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

The Things That Are Not There by C.J. Henderson (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 199 pages

Publisher: Marietta Publishing, 2002

ISBN: 1892669080

Private detective Theodore London ran the best one-man agency in New York City - at least he did until a demon-driven storm trashed his operation. Ready to quit the business, suddenly fate delivered a beautiful woman to his doorstep - one being pursued by an army of winged monsters determined to use her as the key to unlock a doorway that will lead the entire world to madness. Armed with a .38 named Betty and a blade named Veronica, Teddy London gathers those few souls capable of weathering the terror ahead. It is a battle for the fate of humanity - one he knows they will not all survive. Includes a follow up story The Idiot Savant. Award-winning horror author C.J. Henderson's greatest series returns to print in a new edition. With new covers by the legendary Ben Fogletto, each new volume features a bonus short story with commentary from the author himself.


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