Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

The Things That Are Not There Audiobook by C.J. Henderson (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Publisher: Audio Realms, July, 2009

ISBN: 1897304426

Private detective Teddy London ran the best one man agency in New York City – at least he did until a demon driven storm trashed his operation. Ready to quit the business, suddenly fate delivered a beautiful woman to his doorstep – one being pursued by an army of winged monsters determined to use her as the key to unlock a doorway that will lead the entire world to madness.

With only a .38 named Betty and a blade named Veronica, Teddy London gathers those few souls capable of weathering the terror ahead. It is a battle for the fate of humanity – one they know they will not all survive.

C.J. Henderson is one of today's greatest storytellers. His literary style makes you forget the world around you as he takes you on the adventures of his beloved characters. C.J. is the author of the Teddy London supernatural mystery series (amongst others) and a regularly published film critic. C.J. has written comic books, audio books, novels, over a hundred published short stories, screen plays, and non-fiction. Far too many credits to list here. He's considered a literary heir to Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft.

Read by: Charles McKibben

9 hours, 10 CD set.


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