Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

The Shattered Goddess by Darrell Schweitzer (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Hardcover, 242 pages

Publisher: SFBC Fantasy

ISBN: 0739411497

When an evil witch secretly substitutes her own son for that of a royal heir, she unwittingly creates her own greatest nemesis. Condemned to a hole-in-the-wall existence at the bottom of society, the true heir must study magic to survive. But when he discovers his own real identity, he learns that to reclaim the throne he must unleash a magic that will destroy his world... 'The Shattered Goddess' is a powerful, haunting novel of dark intrigue and even darker sorcery at the far end of Time. It stands in the great tradition of Jack Vance's classic 'Dying Earth' stories and the eldritch visions of Clark Ashton Smith.


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