Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

The Metal Monster by A. Merritt (Introduction by Stefan Dziemianowicz & Cover art by Virgil Finlay)

Format: Softcover, 237 pages

Publisher: Hippocampus Press, 2002

ISBN: 0967321514

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

In a letter dated 6 March 1934, H. P, Lovecraft states that The Metal Monster... contains the most remarkable presentation of the utterly alien and non-human that I have ever seen. The novels exotic setting and extravagant scientific speculations make it a landmark of lost-race fantasy fiction. This edition reprints for the first time the tale as it was originally published, restoring close to 10,000 words of text Merritt cut from the original. Noted fantasy, horror and science fiction authority Stefan Dziemianowicz has supplied an extensive introduction. This is the first title in the Hippocampus Press series Lovecraft's Library.


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