Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

The Lost Level by Brian Keene (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 186 pages

Publisher: Apex Book Company, December, 2014

ISBN: 978-1937009106

Book 1 of The Lost Level series

Brian Keene crafts an imaginative and fascinating lost world fantasy novel that will appeal to fans of Burrough's Pellucidar, Howard's Almuric, and Lansdale's The Drive-in.

When modern-day occultist Aaron Pace discovers the secrets of inter-dimensional travel via a mystical pathway called The Labyrinth, he wastes no time in exploring a multitude of strange new worlds and alternate realities. But then, Aaron finds himself trapped in the most bizarre dimension of all — a place where dinosaurs coexist with giant robots, where cowboys fight reptilian lizard people, and where even the grass can kill you. This is a world populated by the missing and the disappeared, a world where myth is reality and where the extinct is reborn. Now, side-by-side with his new companions Kasheena and Bloop, Aaron must learn to navigate its dangers and survive long enough to escape... THE LOST LEVEL.

Cover art by Kirsi Salonen


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