Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

The Green Temple by Schelly Steelman (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Hardcover, 284 pages

Publisher: Archebooks Publishing, June, 2005

ISBN: 1595070613

The Wizards war amongst themselves and the clans unite. The Age of Magic draws to its end. The power of the Goddess seeks its vessel.

Let the journey begin.

Glissenda, daughter of the Clan Chief of the Macowans, keeps her terrifying and powerful visions a secret from her domineering and controlling father. Even as he celebrates another successful raid, he looks to the future and how his children can help him realize his ambition.

With the help of Sareih, a captive Breharan lay priestess, Glissenda flees the marriage her father has arranged and the oppressive world of the clans to find The Green Temple. However, the apparent idyll is only a thin veneer for a darker and more terrifying reality. Her powers are far stronger than anyone expected and her very presence disrupts the staid routines of the Temple.

The Priestess Mera sees that Glissenda will soon bear the long awaited Chosen One. Sister Brona is therefore forced to seek the aid of the dying former High Priestess Seyna to train the powerful but ignorant Glissenda.

Glissenda finds a mentor and friend in the dying woman. Glissenda has not yet mastered her visions when she sees the shocking truth behind Seyna's illness. Seyna is not suffering from the dreaded wasting disease, but has been slowly poisoned by Namet, her chosen successor. Namet works not only to eliminate the powerful Seyna, but plans to kill Glissenda and prevent the birth of the Chosen One.


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