Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

The Damned by William Ollie (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Hardcover, 294 pages

Publisher: Morningstar Press, 2008

ISBN: TheDamned

LIMITED EDITION!!!! There are only 204 signed (by the author) and numbered copies of this edition!

Plain black boards and no dust jacket, as published. There is a devil's skull embossed in red on the front cover.

It came on a Friday afternoon, wiping everything good from the land. It came, followed by Hell on earth, bands of brutes and nightmarish creatures, the hopeless and - The Damned.

Scott thought it had to be a joke when a raving lunatic heralding the end of the world broke onto the airwaves. Then a road rage incident of bullets and blood left him in a place devoid of light, where rasping screams and whispered moans bubbled up from the darkness. Now Scott has woken next to a bloated corpse in a deserted rehabilitation center. Outside, the world is dust and ash. People are screaming, people are dying.

And Scott Freeman's nightmare has just begun.


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