Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Terminal: A Play in Three Acts by Brian Keene and Roy C. Booth

Format: Hardcover, 163 pages

Publisher: Morningstar Press, 2008

ISBN: Terminal

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

LIMITED EDITION!!!! There are only 300 signed (by both authors) and numbered copies of this edition!

Plain blue boards and no dust jacket, as published. There is a happy Janus mask embossed in black on the front cover and a sad Janus mask embossed in black on the back cover.

William Shakespeare once wrote that all the world is a stage, and all the men and women in the world are merely players upon that stage, each with their own entrances and exits. But while this may be true, you’ve never seen an exit like Tommy O’Brien’s... Since it’s initial publication, Brian Keene’s Terminal has been hailed by critics as “this generations’ The Girl Next Door”, “emotionally brutal”, “gritty yet sublime”, “a seminal work in the Brian Keene canon”, and “a bleak, grim reality play”. Now that reality play is indeed a reality. Brian Keene and the esteemed, award-winning playwright Roy C. Booth have teamed up for a stage adaptation of Terminal that will appeal to both old and new fans alike. If you’ve read the novel and think you know the story of Tommy, Sherm, Benji, and the rest, think again. While faithful to the novel, Terminal: The Play delivers more twists and turns and adds new layers of depth to Tommy’s struggle to survive—and its ultimate aftermath.


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