Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Southern Blood: New Australian Tales of the Supernatural edited by Bill Congreve

Format: Softcover, 368 pages

Publisher: Sandglass Enterprises, November, 2003

ISBN: 0958073902

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

Southern Blood is an anthology of new Australian horror stories and artwork, released 1 November 2003.

Southern Blood is the state of the art: a new collection of the gothic and the supernatural from the razor sharp imaginations of the best genre writers in Australia. Moving, surprising, erotic, unsettling and unrelenting in the desire to entertain.

Southern Blood is for when you sit back in your armchair at night, imagining - for just a moment before you begin to read - that we might allow you to relax. If it can be imagined in the heart or in the mind, then it is happening now, in the dark where no one can see... From the traditional Australian ghost story, Rick Kennett's In Quinn's Paddock, to the serial killer profiling with a twist of Terry Dowling's Basic Black, and Sean Williams's Hunting Ground. From the traditional fantasy of Naomi Hatchman's The Pique of Death, to the erotic urban gothic of Stephen Dedman's Madly.


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