Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Sea dragon Heir by Storm Constantine (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Hardcover, 384 pages

Publisher: Tor Books, 2000

ISBN: 0312873069

Bound by an ancient covenant that subjugated the Lords of the Sea Dragons to the Lord of the Fire Drakes, the land of Caradore waits for the return of its old magic and the reawakening of long dormant spirits. Twin heirs to the Palindrake line of sea mages, Pharinet and her brother Valraven carve out their destinies in the shadow of a past they cannot change and a future that holds only uncertainty and danger. Constantines latest novel, the first in a projected trilogy, evokes an atmosphere of tragedy and dark sensuality. The author of Wraeththu extends her gothic appeal to classic adult fantasy in a tale suffused with magic and madness.

Storm Constantine is a myth-making Gothic queen, whose lush tales are compulsive reading. Her stories are poetic, involving, delightful & depraved. I would not swap her for a dozen Anne Rices! - Neil Gaiman.

Exotic, erotic, and packed with surprises. - Michael Moorcock.


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