Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Patchwork by James A. Moore (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 88 pages

Publisher: Bloodletting Press, 2008

ISBN: Patchwork

LIMITED EDITION!!!! There are only 300 signed and numbered copies of this edition!

The old saying "the Devil is in the details," might well be true, but how can you know if what you see is the work of a deity or a demon? That perhaps is a matter of perspective. There are myriad answers to the questions of fate, synchronicity and destiny. Just as there are there are any number of ways in which a quilt can be made, countless different patterns and shapes that can be put together in the making of the thing and little of it ever seems to be deliberate, unless you take the time to look at the big picture. Seen as a single unit, the pattern emerges, if the people behind the design have done their part properly.

Seen from a proper perspective a logic and rhythm present themselves that could easily be lost without the added distance. The same seems to be true, on occasion, with the scheme of how human lives interact. There may be truth in that or merely false perceptions. A lot of it seems to depend on who you speak to, who you ask. The patterns that are seen after all is said and done could be coincidence, or they could in fact be the machinations of some greater force.

A visit then, to see the pieces, placed as they are around the town of Beldam Woods, to watch them as they are chosen and stitched into one another, to make a pattern out of patchwork.


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