Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Olympic Games by Leslie What (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 234 pages

Publisher: Tachyon Publications, August 2004

ISBN: 1892391104

Four thousand years of philandering, but there is that cute little naiad he can not forget. His neo-Olympian cult will not stop howling at the moon. And Hera is on a real rampage this time. Is Zeus out of his league? Let the Games begin!

Sometimes a fools errand is the only chance you get. With nothing left to lose, a bereaved fry-cook, a lovelorn hermit, a clueless delivery-boy, and a determined water nymph take on the gods. It is a surprisingly fair fight.

Leslie What is known for short stories that offer laughter as the best response to the terrors of modern life. A native of Los Angeles, she has lived in New Orleans and New York, and now thrives in Eugene, Oregon. She is a recipient of the Nebula Award for her short story The Cost of Doing Business, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Like many other writers, she has found employment as a psychiatric nurse, a mask-maker, and a tap-dancing gorilla.


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