Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Not Quite Atlantis: A Selection of Poems by Donald Sidney-Fryer

Format: Hardcover, 46 pages

Publisher: Stanza Press, March, 2010

ISBN: 1848630819

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 


On Reading Edmund Spenser Once Again

As Buds and Blossoms in the Month of May the Rose

To Clark Ashton Smith


"Thy Spirit Walks the Sea"

To a Youth

The Ashes in the Rose Garden

To Edmund Spenser

Ave Atque Yale

Thaïs and Alexander in Persepolis

0 Fair Dark Eyes, 0 Glances Turned Aside

The Cydnus

Golden Mycenae

Kilcolman Castle: 20 August 1965


The Lilac Hedge at Cassell Prairie

Black Poppy and Black Lotus

The House of Roses

"The Musical Note of Swans . . . Before their Death"

Green Sleeves

0 Beautiful Dark-Amber Eyes of Old

The Forsaken Palace

Far the "Shapes of Clay" of Ambrose Bierce

Connaissance Fatale

For the "Black Beetles in Amber" of Ambrose Bierce

Offrande Exotique

An Enchantress Out of Time

Lo Primordial

Our Lady of the Unicorn


Return of the Conquistadors

Pale Fragile Unicorns



The Bitch with Tits of Bronze

Demeure Exotique


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