Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Natalie's Grove by Mikal Trimm (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 26 pages

Publisher: Scrybe Press, 2003

ISBN: 0974834009

Deep in untrammeled countryside is a secret grove, a place of magic, power, and yearning. The branches exult a song unsullied by anything dark or wicked. It is Natalie's Grove.

Mason, one of the few modern decent men left, finds himself caught between Becky, despairing, abandoned, and pregnant, and Natalie, innocent, pure, and virginal. Love decides for him; he chooses Natalie. But Mason begins to hear a sinister note invade the perfect song of the sacred grove. It is seductive and disturbing, profane in that place of beauty. Or is it? And why can not Natalie hear it?


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