Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Junction by Jack Dann (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Hardcover, 199 pages

Publisher: PS Publishing, April, 2011

ISBN: 1848631175

First hardcover edition of the author's groundbreaking 1981 novel.

"I won't be a figment of your dream," Ned said aloud, staring ahead, looking to see if there was an end to this dream that contained him. And he remembered what Ahasuerus had said: "... You found little happiness in that world which was built on the dreams of the dead. It was a tiny cosmos of old thoughts. But even then you were dreaming of Hell..."

When Ned Wheeler sets out on a journey from the overly pious yet ribald community that is Junction - situated on the outskirts of Hell - he has a nagging doubt that all is not right with the world. The appearance of "a winged and many-eyed bird beast" had been seen by the god-fearing townsfolk as a portent of "the end of days" and their fears and suspicions, directed toward Ned, persuade him to follow the beast into Hell itself. Little can he imagine the consequences of his actions, let alone comprehend the ensuing events... events that will cause him to question the very fabric of his existence and the reality of the world around him.


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