Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Horror House: A Septet of Horror and Comedy. AUDIOBOOK. 3 CD Set.

Publisher: AudioRealms, 2006

ISBN: horrorhouse-C

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

7 Full Cast Radio Plays

The Imp Of The Perverse - Adapted from Edgar Allen Poes eponymic Imp and his Berenice by Prometheus Award-winner Brad Lineaweaver, this twisted gem deals with guilt, obsession, and long-teeth.

Pickmans Model - Adapted by Berl Boykin from H.P. Lovecraft, this play portrays an artist - and his models.

Biting A Fatmans Neck - By Gary Kim Hayes is a horror-comedy about a werewolf who bites a most unusual vampire.

The House On Nowhere Road - By Brad Strickland. Where would a horror drama series be without a ghost story? Perhaps running from Old Red Gods.

Beam Angel - By Jim Grimsley (Lila Wallace Readers Digest Lifetime Achievement Award Winner). Sometimes you have to go out looking for horror. Sometimes, horror makes a housecall.

The Non - By Jim Grimsley. Love, Ritual, Death, and God... must be the New South. We need to nourish the crops!

A Quartet for Hoot and Gurgle, Hiss and Moan - An original musical comedy of terrors by Berl Boykin. When an Old World vampire meets New World pop culture, he brings his people new blood.

3 hours 29 minutes, 3 CD set.


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