Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Gravity's Angels by Michael Swanwick (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 350 pages

Publisher: Frog, Ltd., 2001

ISBN: 1583940294


Jacket design and illustration by Michael Dashow.


A Midwinters Tale, The Feast of Saint Janis, The Blind Minotaur, The Transmigration of Philip K, Covenant of Souls; The Dragon Line, Mummer Kiss; Trojan Horse; Snow Angels; The Man Who Met Picasso; Foresight; Ginungagap, and The Edge of the World.

Thirteen stories that established Michael Swanwick as one of the brightest stars in the science fiction firmament appear here for the first time in paperback. Gravity's Angels drew rave reviews when it was first published almost a decade ago. Today these stories hold up as well as ever and showcases the very best of Swanwick's considerable talent. Each story is unique. Swanwick uses common sci-fi themes to explore deeper issues of character and conscience.


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