Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Frontiers of Terror edited by Bruce Gehweiler (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 380 pages

Publisher: Marietta Publishing, 2002

ISBN: 1-892669-07-2

Ride along the edge of a razorblade allowing your flesh to be flayed from your bones. The tales in this book take you to the edge of dark fantasy - the cutting edge. Do you dare take the challenge? Can you handle eighteen trips to the very frontiers of terror from todays most exciting authors?

Join Trey R. Barker, Tom Piccirilli, Richard Lee Byers, Brian McNaughton, David B. Silva, C.J. Henderson, Gregory Nocoll, A.R. Morlan, Stephen Antczak, James Shimkus, Ralph Grecco, Jr., Jeffrey Thomas, Del Stone, Jr., James S. Dorr, and Bruce Gehweiler for a journey you will not soon forget.


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