Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Fantastical Visions 2 edited by W.H. Horner and Courtenay N. Dudek

Format: Softcover, 241 pages

Publisher: Fantasist Enterprises, 2003

ISBN: 0971360812

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

Presenting another collection of memorable stories of the fantastical!

Thrill to the storytelling of up-and-coming fantasists, as they take you to faraway lands populated by magical characters.

A mother must venture deep into the swamps to rescue her only child from an ancient evil that has preyed on the young of her people for as long as memory serves, in The Grass Witch.

In Lord of the Earth, a retired hero is pulled back into the life of an adventurer, and discovers just how twisted and polluted magic has made his world.

When the King of the Gods decides it is time for him to take back power, in Olympic Politics, he discovers that the political climate may have changed too much for his brand of thunderbolt-enforced leadership.

A trouble-making nymph finds herself victim of a fitting punishment bestowed upon her by the Queen of the Gods in, The Last Word.

A book-lover buys more than he bargained for in, What Lies Between.

Ten stories in all, as well as advice on how to write award-winning fiction like that which awaits you within Fantastical Visions II!


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