Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Fantastical Visions 1 edited by W.H. Horner. Illustrated by Jeff Ward

Format: Softcover, 186 pages

Publisher: Fantasist Enterprises, 2001

ISBN: 0971360804

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

Come and experience Fantastical Visions!

From the streets of modern-day cities, to medieval villages, to the deck of a flying ship, this book will take you there. Meet zombies, elves, kings, and even ordinary human beings, all wrapped up in magical events.

The range of fantasy is wide and ever-growing, so plunge in now and be prepared to be swept away.

Contains the following 12 short stories:

Wraithsong - Jean Graham; Jathen Longblade - Christine E. Ricketts; Death and the Maiden - Trent M. Walters; Vigil - Magee Gilks; Life - Colin Roberts;

Prescient Witness - Tracy Whelan; The Dream Shop - David A. Hart; Of Savage Blood - Travis J. Koll; The Mad Queen of the Sky - D.K. Latta; The Farmers Daughter - Tanya Michna; Its Better in Brooklyn - Michael Penncavage; 7:58 - Matthew Wolfe.


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