Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Excuse All the Blood: Words to Die (Poems) by Shea Garrity (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 100 pages

Publisher: 10:10 Publications, January 2006

ISBN: 0977707881


A collection of (misanthro)poetry and full-color Photophilia (photographic artwork) by Shea Garrity. This tome outlines the destructive path of a dissident that creates his own transcendence through the process of destruction and change. Includes an illustration by Draconis Blackthorne.

From Shea:

This is the postulating opus that has scraped the caves of my skull since my conception. Share in the revelry of the hereafter - the post-revelation.

You, gentle patron, hold in your hand a gasoline pump, its nozzle pointed at the stains of the world; the unwashable tumors that beg to be burned out. The trigger moans like a glistening mistress of the night begging to be pulled.

Take a trip to the Slob House and make love to the Scarlet Whore. Blind fold dance with the Mosquito Man and consider your little white dream. Be the Malignant Identity that scratches these words on the wall and inhales the pungent L.A. In-Sense.

Read this, and you will have broken the astral cord that strangles you.

Transcendence is here: Excuse all the blood came about as a story detailing with my transition from fetal to fatal. It is an introduction to the beginning stage of the manifestation of what I like to consider my True Will. The book follows an infantile being from its conception, to its eventual self-inflicted death, and rebirth into a new tier of existence. With this story, I've tried to also shed some light on how individuals who have experienced even the minutest taste of enlightenment; will go to any length to attain transcendence in the here and now. We are so willing to go at extreme lengths to augment who we are; to become that which we were not intended, or not supposed to be. More than ever, we strive to become inhuman (some would argue, more human); we strive to recreate ourselves in the image we have chosen, rather than one that has been chosen for us.


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