Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Boundary's Fall: Book 2 - Sword of Honor by Bret Funk (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 536 pages

Publisher: Tyrannosaurus Press, 2003

ISBN: 0971881901


The epic Boundary's Fall series continues in Sword of Honor. The three young heroes have been separated. Prince Martyn Batai, under the supervision of Lord Iban, must meet with the Elves, to regain their trust and reopen the Path of Riches, the legendary trade route between the lands of Elves and men. The ex-slave Dahr, barred entrance to the Aelvin forests, travels the wild Tribal Lands to warn the nomadic Garun-ah of the Darklords awakening. And Jeran Odara faces the greatest challenge of all: convincing Alwellyn the Eternal, Emperor of the Aelvin Empire, that the Elves must set aside their reclusive ways and join the struggle against the forces of evil.


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