Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Boundary's Fall: Book 1 - Path Of Glory by Bret Funk (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 537 pages

Publisher: Tyrannosaurus Press, 2001

ISBN: 097188191X


The Boundary. The greatest feat of magic in the history of Madryn. An impenetrable barrier raised to imprison the Darklord Lorthas, bringing an end to the long and bloody MageWar.

Nearly a millennium has passed since the Boundary's creation, and its power is fading. The Four Races struggle amongst themselves, their once-proud alliance little more than a distant memory. Old enemies have resurfaced, and new ones lurk in the shadows, eager to use the chaos to their advantage.

The truth is known by two: Jeran, an orphan, raised by his uncle; and Dahr, an outcast, hiding from his past. Together, these two unlikely heroes must take news of the Boundary's fall to the King of Alrendria. Haunted by the knowledge of the Darklord's weakening prison and pursued by Tylor Durange, exiled Prince of Ra Tachan, the duo must race across Madryn, facing danger at every turn.

Yet their greatest threat may come, not from the Darklord, but from the secrets they try so hard to keep from themselves.


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