Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Aegri Somnia edited by Jason Sizemore & Gill Ainsworth (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 194 pages

Publisher: Apex Publications, December, 2006

ISBN: 0978867629

Signed by each contributor and the cover artist!

Aegri Somnia is a Latin phrase, one that slides like silk off your tongue. It means, literally, "A sick man's dream." When you present a theme such as "aegri somnia" to a group of twisted horror writers, well, you should expect disturbing results. Read this book, and you'll have twelve names to listen for while spying the police scanner. You'll find yourself wanting to buy more locks for the windows, for the doors. If there are twelve people like this hiding in the masses, then there's got to be more...Contains fiction from Scott Nicholson, Cherie Priest, Christopher Rowe, Steven Savile, Lavie Tidhar, Jennifer Pelland, Eugie Foster, Nancy Fulda, Mari Adkins, Angeline Hawkes, Rhonda Eudaly, and Bryn Sparks.


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