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The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies Issue Eight edited by Mark Hall

Format: Softcover, 50 pages

Publisher: Seele Brennt Publications, February 2005

ISBN: DarkMan 8

 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

Contents of Issue no. 8:

Texas as Character in Robert E. Howards Fiction by Mark Finn. The influence of the state of Texas on Howard & his use of said state within his fiction.

Robert E. Howard in the Gothic Tradition by Charles Gramlich. The influence of Gothic authors, particularly Edgar Allan Poe, on Howards fictional output.

Two Views on The Barbaric Triumph by Fred Blosser and S.T. Joshi. Two critical reviews on the Don Herron edited collection The Barbaric Triumph.

Adventures--Imperial and Otherwise by Mark E. Hall. A focused study on Richard Phillips Mapping Men and Empire: A Geography of Adventure and the influence that Imperialism had upon pulp authors, Howard in particular.

Power of the Writing Mind reviewed by Scotty Henderson.

Graveyard Rats reviewed by Charles Hoffmann.

Through a Prism, Darkly by David Robbins. Critical review of The Savage Tales of Soloman Kane.


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