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Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature - Issue 7 edited by John O'Neill

Format: Softcover, 208 pages

Publisher: New Epoch Press, November 2004

ISBN: Issue 7

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The Poison Well by Judith Berman

Manvayars old master had been a secret necromancer... but did that mean he could ferret out the truth behind a new rash of sorcerous killings?

Amnesty by Todd McAulty

They said the first 10,000 souls to reach the Mounds of Eternity would be granted Amnesty, and entry to the Kingdom of God. But Hell does not yield up its own so easily.

Luck of the Gods by Holly Phillips

Onyx was a trover, an expert at ridding the rich of curses... for a price.

Point of the Knife: A Kingdoms of Kalamar Tale by Don Bassingthwaite

In which Imperial Agent Narika finds even her considerable fighting skills may be inadequate against a treacherous alchemist and a deadly interdimensional trap....

Leather Doll by Mark Sumner

The whistling didn't sound like any of the creatures Meyer had tangled with before. But there were more deadly things in the redgrass....

Black Gate Fantasy Classic: Tumithak of the Towers of Fire by Charles R. Tanner

In the third installment of the thrilling saga, Tumithak leads his growing band of followers in an audacious attack on the shelk city of Kaymak... only to discover a secret that may forever change humanity's destiny. A never-before reprinted classic from the early pulp era!

Feature Article:

An Appreciation of Planet Stories by Rich Horton


Editorial: Adventures of a Nuclear Teen by John ONeill

Letters - From Our Readers

Review Features:

The Comics Cauldron by Claude Lalumière

Book Reviews by Lisa DuMond and Charlene Brusso


Fantasy Game Reviews by Don Bassingthwaite, Jennifer Brozek, Howard Andrew Jones, Dave Webb, and Michael Thibault


Knights of the Dinner Table: The Java Joint by Jolly Blackburn, John ONeill, and Steve Johansson


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