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The Chronicler of Cross Plains #2 edited by Damon C. Sasser

Format: Softcover, 56 pages

Publisher: Black Coast Press, June, 2005


(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)  

Limited edition of 300 only!

This is the long awaited second issue of The Chronicler of Cross Plains. This journey into the imagination of Robert E. Howard is the biggest publication yet from The Black Coast Press. Chronicler is jam packed with fast-paced fiction, well-written essays and articles, and fantastic artwork from some of the best fantasy artists in the world.

Contents include:

Full Color Conan Cover

Inside front and back covers: Mikhal Olgu and Red Sonya"by Rafael Kayanan

Back cover: Cormac Mac Art and Wulfhere by David Burton

Desert Blood by Robert E. Howard, Illustrated by David Burton

Howard and the Picts by Timothy A. Arney, Illustrated by Bill Caviler

The Knockout Punch by John Norse, Illustrated by Robert Sankner

The Man-Eaters of Zamboula: A Conan Portfolio by Michael L. Peters

Black Stone in a Red Setting by Steve Tompkins, Illustrated by Joe Werhle

Mzee by Charles R. Saunders, Illustrated by Bill Cavalier

Soulless and Deadly by Gary Romeo, Illustration by Rafael Kayanan

To The or Not To The by Rusty Burke

A review of Dennis Mchaney's The Worlds Greatest Pulpster by Don Herron

Plus other artwork, news, features, etc.


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