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Studies in Modern Horror, Issue Four edited by N.G. Christakos

Format: Softcover, 38 pages

Publisher: Seele Brennt Publications, 2006

ISBN: ModHorror4

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

Contents of Issue no. 4:

The Nemesis of Mimesis: Thomas Ligotti, Worlds Elsewhere, & the Darkness Ten Times Black by Stephen Tompkins.

Somewhere beyond ultra-nihilism and absolute nothingness dwells a darkness that is ten times black. Author Thomas Ligotti sets most of his fiction in orbit around this phenomena. Come and explore its meaning with Stephen Tompkins. Also includes Read the Darkness Ten Times Black, which is a detailed bibliography of Ligotti works examined in Tompkins essay.

Reflections on a Felines Pupil: The Fairy Tale Revisited & A Glimpse of Lovecraft's Ghost by N.G. Christakos.

A solicited introduction to Ray Garton's novella The Eye of the Guardian, published in 2005 by Bloodletting Press. For reasons unknown it was omitted from the final printed version, thus is presented here for the first time.

Introductions to the Tales from Terror Incognita by Jeffrey Thomas. Delirium Books initially issued Jeffrey Thomas' Terror Incognita short story collection, which consisted of thirteen tales, as a signed and numbered hardcover limited to 200 copies in March 2000. Three years later, the volume was reissued as a trade paperback limited to 500 copies. The sole alteration between these two editions would be the exclusion of short introductory notes Thomas wrote for each tale from the trade paperback edition. These are the first time these introductions have been reprinted.


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