Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror magazines

Studies in Fantasy Literature, Issue One edited by Benjamin Szumskyj

Format: Softcover, 50 pages

Publisher: Seele Brennt Publications, May 2004

ISBN: FanLit1

 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

A Scholarly Journal for the Study of the Fantasy Genre.

Contents of Issue no. 1:

Holy Elven Light: A Religious Influence on The Lord of the Rings by Aaron R. Davis. While Tolkien's own Catholic upbringing has been downplayed in the past, the certain influence of his devotely religious belief struction required examination. This essay is proud to be that examination.

Coming In From The Cold: Incursions of Outsideness in Clark Ashton Smith's Hyperborea by Steve Thompkins. While less popular than Smith's Zothique story cycle, Hyperborea bears closer examination - a land that yields forth all things dark for scrutiny.

Sometimes There Is Nothing You Can Do: A Critical Summary of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere by Jenifer DElia. As the title states, this is an exploration into Neil The Sandman Gaiman's surprisingly convoluted underground tunnel system known as Neverwhere.

Michael Moorcock, PostModernism, and (not) Fantasy: A Primer by Dr. Howard Morton. Emphasizing the subtle interplay of Moorcock's PostModern ideas within the themes, structures, and substance of his work, a reasonable argument and conclusion are formed regarding how Moorcock may be a classic within the genre but that he is likewise a product of rejection of some classic ideals.


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