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Dark Discoveries Magazine #16 edited by James Beach (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 62 pages

Publisher: Dark Discoveries Publications, Spring 2010


Issue 16 Comics! Pulps! Mayhem! issue featuring - Fiction: R.B. Payne, Paul G. Bens Jr., Weston Ochse, Cody Goodfellow (writer) with Brian Komm (artist) (original comic adaptation). Interviews: Weston Ochse, Al Feldstein, Shawna Gore (Dark Horse Comics), Hugh B. Cave, Steve Niles, Darren G. Davis (Bluewater Comics). Nonfiction: Frank M. Robinson (profile), Jason V Brock, Sunni K Brock, Tributes to Dan O'Bannon (William Stout, Robert Williams, William F. Nolan, Jason V Brock), Dark Matters (column by William F. Nolan), Post-Crypts (reviews). Artwork: Dan O'Bannon centerfold (Leslie Barany, Jason V Brock, Ryszard Wojtynski), William Stout, Lee Christian, Kitty Maer, Al Feldstein, Brian Komm (Cover and comic adaptation).


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