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Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature - Issue 11 edited by John O'neil

Format: Softcover, 224 pages

Publisher: New Epoch Press, August, 2007

ISBN: Issue 11

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Where Beauty Lies in Wait by Peadar Ó Guilín

She was irresistibly beautiful - and a monster. And now she had stolen Darrak's only son.

The Lawless Hours by James Enge

It was Roble's duty to patrol the woods in the Lawless Hours, on guard for the servants of the Boneless One. Until he met Morlock the Maker.

The Wizard's Daily Horoscope by Maria V. Snyder

Guaranteed timely and accurate. Like magic.

Holy Places by Martha Wells

The tale of the first meeting of Giliead & Ilias - and a night of dark wizardry.

From the Heart of the Earth to the Peaks of the Sky by Iain Rowan

Dao Shi comes face to face with an unkillable demon deep in the Underworld... & a secret the Empire would stop at nothing to protect.

The Mudslinger by David Evan Harris

As a wizard, Dredge was laughable. But the fate of a kingdom rested on his simple gift

Soulthief by Ben Wolcott

A dead wizard hires a thief to break into his tower - and unravel the lethal secrets within.

The Entrance of Bob Into Valhalla by William I. Lengeman III

The roller coaster was plenty dangerous - even before the harpies attacked. Good thing Bob brought his broadsword.

The Naturalist, Part II: An Incident at Gray's Works by Mark Sumner

In which the Naturalist returns to civilization to warn of the approach of the terror from the interior... & learns his troubles are just beginning.

Features - Fictional Losses: Neglected Stories from the SF Magazines by Rich Horton

Editorial - How to Succeed in Business by John O'Neill

Letters - From Our Readers

Back Issues - A list of rare (but miraculously still available) back issues of Black Gate

Next Issue - More from Martha Wells, James Enge, Howard Andrew Jones, Todd McAulty, Ed Carmien, John Fultz, and more - plus the exciting return of Tumithak in "Tumithak and the Ancient Word!" The gods have clearly blessed you.

Review Features:

Book Reviews:

Lost Worlds by Clark Ashton Smith

Hell To Pay by Simon R. Green

Monster Nation: A Zombie Novel by David Wellington

Polyphony 6 edited by Deborah Layne & Jay Lake

Spirit Gate by Kate Elliott

The Cracked Throne by Joshua Palmatier

Firebird by R. Garcia y Robertson

Kitty Takes a Holiday by Carrie Vaughn

The Well Of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

White Night, a novel of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

Reviews by Charlene Brusso, Thomas Cunningham, Chris Gruber, Rich Horton, Thomas M. MacKay, Robert Burke Richardson, Mark Rigney, Beth Shope, and K. Tang

Fantasy Game Reviews:

Classic Traveller from Far Future Enterprises

Dungeons and Dragons: Red Hand of Doom from Wizards of the Coast

Legends of the Ancient World: Wolves on the Rhine from Christopher Brandon - Dark City Games

Dungeons and Dragons: Dragondown Grotto from Wizards of the Coast

Call of Cthulhu: Secrets of New York: A Mythos Guide to the City That Never Sleeps from Chaosium

Age of Mortals Campaign from Margaret Weis Games

Key of Destiny, Christopher Coyle

Spectre of Sorrows, Christopher Coyle

Price of Courage, Cameron Banks

The Knightly Orders of Ansalon from Margaret Weis Games

Reviews by Howard Andrew Jones, Andrew Zimmerman Jones, Jackson Kuhl, and Patrick Ross

Comics: Knights of the Dinner Table: The Java Joint by Jolly Blackburn, John O'Neill, and Steve Johansson

Spot Art - Four illustrations by Lance King


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