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Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy - Issue 9 edited by John O'Neill

Format: Softcover, 208 pages

Publisher: New Epoch Press, Fall, 2005

ISBN: Issue 9

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The Whited Child by Michael Canfield

Bad Pete spoke for the Mountains, and did their will. Until the wolves came....

Payment Deferred by James Enge

Morlock the Maker returns to confront a crafter of golems... and a challenge he may not survive.

The Thrall by Michael Shultz

In a world enslaved to the Thrall, a thrall-less girl might look like salvation... unless she happened to be your daughter.

Seijins Enlightenment by William John Watkins

Seijin was a samurai of almost peerless skill and reputation. But his greatest test still awaited him.

Pets by Adam J. Thaxton

All she wanted was a pet. That, and not to be devoured by an Avatar monster.

The Hand That Binds by Michael Livingston

The creature came in the night and killed everything it found. What hope could this young warrior offer?

It's a Wonderful Con by Larry Tritten

Never trick an old trickster... no matter how soft his reputation might be.

The Longday Hunt by Sean Oberle

Legend said she was a minor goddess - a petty, insane killer. But if she awoke, it would mean death on a scale Jace had never before seen.

The Final Flight of Major Havoc by Carl Reed

Major Havoc was having a bad day - and the giant dog tracking him was the least of his worries.

A Touch of Crystal by Martin Owton & Gaie Sebold

It was a thrill to finally meet real elves. Except for all the paperwork.

Black Gate Fantasy Classic:

The Fifth-Dimension Catapult by Murray Leinster

Professor Dunham and his daughter were marooned in the Fifth Dimension... a bizarre landscape of unearthly flora and fauna - and the Ragged Men, whose cruelty knew no bounds. A classic from the great era of pulp fantasy!


Retro-Hugos That Will Never Be by Rich Horton


Editorial: Life After 40 (Such As It Is)by John O'Neill


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Book Reviews:

Tumithak of the Corridors, by Charles R. Tanner

In Lands That Never Were: Tales of Swords and Sorcery, Edited by Gordon Van Gelder

The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova

Four and Twenty Blackbirds, by Cherie Priest

Dragon Rider, by Cornelia Funke

The Dark Hills Divide, Land of Elyon: Book 1, by Patrick Carman, narrated by Aasne Vigesaa (audiobook)

The Black Angel, by John Connolly

The Death Collectors, by John Kerley

Fantasy Game Reviews:

Northern Crown: New World Adventures, Atlas Games

Eberron: Explorers Handbook, Wizards of the Coast

His Last Command: A Gaunts Ghosts Novel, Dan Abnett, Black Library

The Secrets of Ziran Core Gamebook, Paragon Games

Dungeons and Dragons: Frostburn, Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons and Dragons: Sandstorm, Wizards of the Coast

by Don Bassingthwaite and Todd McAulty


Knights of the Dinner Table: The Java Joint by Jolly Blackburn, John O'Neill, and Steve Johansson


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