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Apex Science Fiction & Horror Magazine #7 edited by Jason Sizemore

Format: Softcover, 127 pages

Publisher: Apex Publications, Fall, 2006

ISBN: Apex7

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)  

Issue Seven again showcases new and interesting authors.

Features the following fiction:

Michael Laimo - Grass Land

Joshua Steiner - Children at Play

Deb Taber - How to Raise a Human

Marlissa Campbell - Promise Them Aught

James Reilly - The Tow

Neil Ayres - Kissing Cousins

Douglas F. Warrick - That Old Sandlands Fever

Brandon Alspaugh - Doxies

Steven Savile - The Death of Self: Temple III

Beth Wodzinski - The Minotaur's Rabbit

Poem: Crypt Keeper's Curse is a Muse by Brandy Schwan

Interviews with Tim Powers and Michael Laimo


Alethea Kontis - Much Ado About Driving

Lavie Tidhar - Androids and Other Undead


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