Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror magazines

Apex Science Fiction & Horror Magazine #10 edited by Jason Sizemore

Format: Softcover, 95 pages

Publisher: Apex Publications, Summer 2007

ISBN: Apex10

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)  

Issue Ten showcases:


Bad Sushi - Cherie Priest

Daydreams - Lavie Tidhar

Memory of the Knacker's Yard - Ian Creasey

Pigs and Feaches - Patrice Sarath

Cain Xp11 (Part 2): The Henry Lee Lucas Memorial Highway - Geoffrey Girard

Monument - Nancy Fulda


Interview with Cherie Priest

Interview with William F. Nolan

Route 666 - The Road to WHC 07 - Essay by Alethea Kontis

Cover art by Walter Simon


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