Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Treasury of the Fantastic edited by David Sandner & Jacob Weisman

Format: Hardcover, 747 pages

Publisher: Frog Ltd., 2001

ISBN: 1583940308

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

Foreword by Peter S. Beagle. Jacket design and illustration by Michael Dashow.

The Treasury of the Fantastic presents a collection of fantastic literature from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries unmatched in its scope and inclusiveness. The Treasury defines the achievement of fantastic literature from its modern origins in Romanticism to its early development as a genre, displaying the range of exemplary works produced as supernatural tales, wonder tales, fairy tales, weird tales, Gothic literature, ghost stories, children's fantasy, nonsense poems, as stories and poems that remain unforgettable classics.

Every story here, whether from an artiste like Henry James or a hard-working journalist like Ambrose Bierce, is an authentic and affecting foray into the wilds of the imagination, proving that even before Fantasy hardened into a genre it exerted its siren call on sensitive creators of all stripes... This collection is both an education and a pleasure, a resource for anyone interested in the strong, dark roots of Fantasy. - Paul DiFillipo, in Realms of Fantasy.


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