Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Liferock: A Lost Novel of Earthdawn by Jak Koke

Format: Softcover, 313 pages

Publisher: per Aspera Press, November, 2003

ISBN: 0-9745734-1-8

Signed by the Author!

They are birthed from the rock fully-grown, live for a thousand years, and then return to the rock once more. Reclusive and peaceful, the androgynous obsidimen of the Garden Brotherhood live and dream atop their high jungle mesa in symbiotic harmony with the earth.

But far away, from a cave on the edge of a volcanic sea, something is calling them. Something twisted and strange, a blood magic born of desperation and warped by greed, is gathering obsidimen to itself. Those who answer fall prey to a seductive addiction from which there is no escape.

For the youngest obsidiman of the Garen Brotherhood, approaching the source of the call means risking a millennium of slavery to that twisted power. But go he must, because the blood magic has ensnared his tribes lost Elder, their last hope of protecting their liferock from the forces which would destroy it.


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