Saltwater Aquarium

Baensch Marine Atlas #3 by Dr. Harry Erhardt & Dr. Horst Moosleitner

Format: Softcover, 600 pages

Publisher: Microcosm Ltd., September 1998

ISBN: 1890087432

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)  

The Marine Atlas Volume 3 begins on page 737, an indication that Volumes 2 and 3 are parts of a single unit of 1,326 pages.

Beside its photographs and accompanying information, this book contains a glossary and a comprehensive index for both volumes.

Both the publisher and the authors are proud of the amount of information they could pass to their readers. Hopefully, interested aquarists will be able to translate the information into better care for their captive marine invertebrates.

This striking third volume in the Baensch Marine Atlas series contains a profusion of unusual and beautiful reef creatures, including giant clams, starfishes, urchins, sea cucumbers, octopuses, crinoids, fan-worms, feather dusters, tunicates, and other invertebrates of interest to aquarists and underwater naturalists.

Some readers will find information among these pages that will enhance and diversify their knowledge.


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