Reptile & Amphibian

The Essential Guide to Caring for Your Green Iguana DVD (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Publisher: Pet Video Library, 2007

ISBN: 71597

This informative DVD goes into detail about the green iguana's nutrition, behavior, taming, illness, and general care. Nine informative chapters include:

LIVING WITH AN IGUANA - Learn the special needs of an iguana.

PREP FOR AN IGUANA - Building their habitat with the proper necessities, lighting, temperature, and humidity recommendations.

NUTRITION - Feeding basics including foods, feeding times, vitamins, supplements, habits, do's and don'ts.

BEHAVIOR - Need-to-knows on behaviors and socialization.

TAMING - Proper handling, bonding, and out of cage training.

GENERAL CARE - Claw trimming, maintenance, shedding, spritzing, flaky skin, tail loss, and more.

ILLNESS - Symptoms and warning signs to watch for.

Approximately 45 minute runtime. Region 1 DVD format for play in North America only.


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