Reptile & Amphibian

Gift from the Snake That Bit Him: Adventures of an Australian Reptile Man by Neville Burns

Format: Softcover, 253 pages

Publisher: Neville Burns, 2014

ISBN: 0646596624

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

Follow Neville Burns on his wild adventures living and working with reptiles. Burn's compelling story-telling style coupled with his sense of humour will make this book hard to put down.

From the back cover:

First combine a larrakin sense of humour and a penchant for practical jokes with a healthy disregard for personal safety. Then add a liberal dose of some of the most dangerous reptiles on the planet, together with an eclectic ensemble cast of larger-than-life characters that at times reads like a who's who of Australian herpetology. The result is a compelling narrative that hurtles along at a cracking pace.

Neville Burns has spent much of his adult life entertaining audiences around Australia. Those fortunate enough to attend his presentations in person are guaranteed to come away with a better appreciation of reptilian fauna - together with a broad smile and the distinct impression that they may have just encountered one the the great Aussie storytellers of his generation.

This is Neville's incredible tale... 


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