Reptile & Amphibian

Aqualog Mini: My Dwarf Clawed Frog by Frank Schafer (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 63 pages

Publisher: Aqualog, 2003

ISBN: 3936027307

Dwarf clawed frogs have become more and more popular over the last two decades. Nowadays they have become available in almost every pet shop which also sells fish. Unfortunately, knowledge on these amphibians did not increase with the number of animals sold. Usually the proper species names of the frogs sold are not properly known, very few shop keepers know anything about the diseases of claw frogs, and even on topics like food, many of them have to guess, not because they are not interested, but simply because the knowledge is not available! This Mini lets you know about the variety of species in the trade, how a dwarf clawed frog aquarium should look, which plants you can use, water conditions, food, diseases, behaviour, breeding and their seldom imported relatives in nature. This book is fully illustrated throughout with full-color photographs.

With the Minis, Aqualog has started a complete new concept. Smaller sized books (19.8 x 20.2 cm), specially written for beginners and advanced aquarists alike, with superb photographs (just like the familiar Aqualog books), and with up-to-date aquaristic information (also like the familiar Aqualog books).


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