Reptile & Amphibian

Amphibians, Reptiles,& Their Conservation by Marty Crump (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Hardcover, 149 pages

Publisher: Linnet Books, September, 2002

ISBN: 0208025111

The first chapters offer basic information about these two orders of animals and cover their anatomy, defense mechanisms, diet, communication, and reproduction, as well as such interesting oddities as a skink losing a tail to confuse a predator or a parent frog carrying eggs in its vocal sac. This information leads readers into the strength of the book, its detailing of problems confronting these animals, such as loss of habitat; changes in their environment; or the taking of large numbers for use as pets, food, leather goods, or traditional medicines. Readers learn what could be done to change conditions and to help slow down the decline in populations of these orders. Though the opening chapters offer standard material and are rather textbookish, the later chapters about saving these animals are easily read and understood. A few black-and-white drawings and photos are scattered throughout. This book will be useful in science classes and for reports. This volume does not have the big, glorious photos of some of the other animal books reviewed in this issue, but the amazing zoological facts combined with the scientists personal passion will appeal to teen conservationists. Crumps last words are - Please help. This is an excellent title for reports, with an extensive glossary, a bibliography, and listings of further resources, including Web sites and conservation organizations for those who want to get involved.


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