Reptile & Amphibian

A Guide to Keeping Australian Scorpions in Captivity by Mark A. Newton

Format: Softcover, 186 pages

Publisher: Mark A. Newton, 2012

ISBN: 0980416108

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

Includes Notes on General Biology & Identification.

This book started out with the intention of being a short simple guide to keeping Australian Scorpions as it was apparent that nothing in print was available to help those specifically interested in the husbandry of Australian scorpions. One of the main reasons people wished to keep scorpions stemmed from an interest in their amazing biology, and so it seemed imperative the keeper would want to know more about aspects of life history, diversity, species and more and so this book developed into far more than was originally planned. And I'm glad it did. The reader will derive a lot more knowledge from this text than a basic keeping guide. To be the best keeper of scorpions and really enjoy the hobby it pays to know as much as possible of the biology.

This book covers many angles while concentrating on Keeping as the overall basis. Understanding an animals biology and ecology is the foundation to knowing how to keep it in captivity and so where possible I relate aspects of life history, physiology and ecology to help in establishing the best forms of housing including environmental physical parameters such as temperature, humidity and substrate types.

A book of this type would be a little short of complete if it did not include a section on known species, their approximate distributions and general description, and so I have included information on all our presently recognised species with references also made to prior species now synonomised.

Problems such as taxonomy and species descriptions are addressed along with more fun stuff such as what to take on a collecting trip, what things you might need to study scorpions if that's your interest - it's not all science of course.

A Quick Reference section has keeping parameter tables for the best types of setup for scorpions from all habitats. A FAQ section summarises answers to the most common questions.

This book is a MUST HAVE for anyone contemplating or already keeping Scorpions, from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans it will be the best investment you ever make. .....


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