Minerals by Alessandro Guastoni & Roberto Appiani (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 255 pages

Publisher: Firefly Books, June, 2005

ISBN: 1554070562

This book is a comprehensive guide to the forms, physical properties, classification and study of minerals from around the world. It includes more than 300 photographs, tables, charts, glossary, bibliography and richly informative descriptions of 288 minerals.

Striking in colour and perfect in structure, minerals are carved by nature over millions of years and found everywhere on earth. Each step of human progress can be measured by how they were used. This concise guide - complete with quick-reference symbols - describes minerals from all the major classes, including their chemical formulas, crystalline systems, physical habit, natural environment and etymological notes.

Alessandro Guastoni is a scientist, collector, museum laboratory director, and writer.

Roberto Appiani is a renowned gem collector and professional photographer.


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